Female Spartans and marriage


Female Spartans and marriage

Female Spartans were strong both physically and mentally. Spartan women played no role in the military but they often received a formal education. They were not at boarding schools and they were separated from boys. Female Spartans had a reputation for being independent minded and they enjoyed more freedom and power than elsewhere in Greek World. Spartan women were in charge of household but domestic responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking etc were all handled by the helots and female Spartans were independent for doing them.

Spartan women were good at dancing, reading, singing, riding, running, wrestling and javelin throwing. Female Spartans could legally own properties and bequest.

The state put pressure on Spartan people to have male children who could be citizen warriors when they grown up. Marriage was important to have male children for Spartans. Males who fathered multiple sons were rewarded while those who delayed marriage were publically shamed. Female Spartan babies were given into the care of their mothers and they were as well fed as their male brothers. Female babies were growing at home with their mothers while they were being educated. It is highly possible that female Spartans exercised naked. 

Spartan women generally married around the age of 18 or 20. On the night of wedding female Spartans had to shave their heads and after they married they had to keep their hair short. It was not allowed to grow their hair long. Spartan women could practice polyandry and they were allowed to divorce their husbands without losing their wealth. Married Spartan couples typically were not living together. Spartan man spent much of their time living in barracks or at war. Man under 30 had to sneak away at night from the communal barracks in order to see their wives.

Spartans worshipped same Gods like Greeks but they held warrior gods higher than others. Female Spartans were worshipping more for god and goddesses associated with beauty, childbirth, health etc. 

Spartan women did not wear make up; they were known for their natural beauty. They were allowed to drink wine just like the Spartan man and allowed to eat as much as they like. Spartan women were truly unique. 

Female Spartans