Spartan Army Training


Training 2

The boy became a youth on completion of his 12th year. So his physical exercise was increased, had short haircut. His tunic was taken away and he only wore a thin cloak which was wrapped tightly around the body. The cloak is alike both in summer and winter which is for preparing him to endure extremes of cold and heat. He even played naked for the most part. He was taught to play barefoot on his feet for battle. He would sleep on a bed made of reeds plucked by hand from the valley alongside others in his pack in barracks. He was allowed to add thistledown on his bed since it is a kind of material had warmth in it. He was fed with a minimal diet so he could work on an empty stomach in the future. This diet was also believed that it made the youth to grow tall. But on the other hand he was allowed to steal supplement for his diet. This was taught to be useful for increasing his cunning during the wars. If he was caught, he was heavily punished for being caught rather than stealing.

Every Spartan youth had an adult guardian who was responsible for his conduct and called as “lover” When a male had completed his 18th year he became an adult citizen. He would train the youths at his first year. After that he would enter one of the messes which housed about 15 various age and classes for Spartans males. Although a Spartan adult was allowed to with his wife at home at that age, it was not entirely clear. Bu he was not allowed to converse with his fellow adults into the marketplace with he is 30 years old.

A Spartan spent his time in choral dances, hunting, physical exercise, feast and festivals or conversation, when there was no expedition on a military. War was a welcome rest for only the Spartan men in the world from training for war.

Every Spartan was responsible for being conscripted into the secret service before the age of 30 for two years. From time to time when they were threatened by revolt, a group of young men were sent to the countryside equipped with only rations and daggers. During the day they hid out in remote places but at night they came to roads quietly and killed any helot they run across.