Around Spart


Around Sparta

Sparta is capital of Laconia and it is located in Southern Greece. It borders Arcadia and Messinia in the large Peloponnese peninsula.

Inside the peninsula is covered with mostly mountains and there are two groups of islands located off Peloponnesian coast known as Argo-Saronic Islands and Ionian Islands. In particular Kerkyra Island, located within Ionian Islands, has a population of around 113000 people and its gorgeous harbor coupled with picture perfect castles and ruins make up for a delightful panorama.

The ruined towers are dispersed throughout the small bay of Mezapos which is a port in Laconia that has noteworthy towers such as Skala, Yithio and, Monemvasia. 

Mani Region to the south is a popular destination in Peloponnese that has extraordinary beaches and waterside which consists of Pyrgos Dirou, Kakkala, and Yerelimenas. 

The Diros Caves in the region has very bright and vibrant stalactites and stalagmites that make up for a remarkable sight.

Around Sparta